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May 28, 2014

Ubuntu and Xubuntu on same computer??

I had Ubuntu 14.04 Unity installed and it was/is running well. I read an article by Carla Schroder at linux.com titled The 7 Best Linux Distros for 2014.

In the article she stated that if you were running Ubuntu Unity and did not like it that you could install Xubuntu via apt-get install xubuntu-desktop and then when you booted your computer you could choose which one you wanted to use, in my case it would have been Ubuntu or Xubuntu.

Well I did as she suggested and Xubuntu seemed to install well. However, when I re-booted my computer I was not given the option of which version I wanted to use. The computer booted straight to Xubuntu. What am I missing here?? Any help would be much appreciated, as I am a newly converted Windows user. :) :)

Thank you for your time.

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