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October 20, 2017

Starting LFS201

Hi I'm John and starting this course. I've been working with Solaris and Linux for my job for the past 3 years and figured it was time to deepen my knowledge as my team which usually does software and patch installations plus mid level troubleshooting is being merged with our company's UNIX admin group and assuming their duties.

I made several bad assumptions coming in and am hoping to ask some questions to avoid making more. I bought this course and exam on last year's Black Friday sale. Since i work heavily with Linux and Solaris, I figured it would be easy and didn't look at the course all year. I took two weeks vacation, this being week 1, figuring I'd breeze through the material and exam in these two weeks. I am finding how little I know of Linux.

When I started the course this past weekend, II came across the strong suggestion to take LFS101, which I thought would be simple. Six days later, I am finally ready to start this course. It made me realize how little I knew, shell scripting in particular kicked my butt hard.

To have a working system to work with for LFS101, I downloaded and installed Oracle Virtualbox as we use it for a side project at work. I couldn't get the Centos package for the course to work with Oracle Linux, as Virtulbox does not offer a Centos distro. I finally installed openSuse and used it for the course.

The LFS201 image for openSuse worked fine for taking LFS101, but I made many changes to it, playing with it and figuring things out. Am I best off making a new virtual box for LFS201 or stick with the one I used for LFS101 which is now optimized for my home network and has printing to my home network printer working?

Also, my company uses a mix of Sun Solaris, Oracle Linux and RHEL. I am probably better off studying and certifying in the Centos distro, but couldn't figure out how to make this work with the options available in Virtualbox. What's the best way to get the Centos image for this class up and running?

Also, I'm starting to realize that getting certified by the end of my vacation next week is probably a tall order if not impossible. I know if I let the year run out on my 1 year to accomplish this without a cert in hand, my wife will kick my @ss for wasting money, but what is a reasonable time for completing LFS201 and being prepared for the exam?

Sorry for the wall of text. I just wanted to drop in and introduce myself. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks, John


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