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May 14, 2009

Viewsonic vx2240 22" + EVGA 8800GTS = WIN


I picked up this monitor out of necessity: My off-lease Viewsonic 22" CRT (Build date of 12/1996) died.

Monitor: Crystal clear, no dead pixels. DVI satisfies. $199 at Compusa.

Graphics card: Once cutting edge, it is now last gen. However, it is a real treat to install a distro (Ubuntu 9.04 64 bit), and have the distro find drivers. A fresh install of 9.04 makes my machine feel like a race car again!

As my profile says, I am a Linux USER. Not a developer, programmer, tester, etc. Yeah, I can navigate around with the command line, but Ubuntu has become my default OS. (Alright, I DO click to my virtual XP install every so often...) It just thrills me to have EVERYTHING WORK: No BSOD, RROD, no weird "error popup windows that showed up for no good reason.

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