May 18, 2009

Shell Script Help.....


I'm trying to learn to write scripts, this is my first attempt from reading online and I need some help.

The end result of the script will be to look in my directory and make a file of all file names with a VOB extension. Then the scipt will use mencoder to convert all the VOB files in to XVid files. Currently the script I have written will convert the movies, but I have to cut and paste the names into the script. When I use the $ls *.vob > vob.lst I end up with the error below.

Any help would be great, or if somebody could point me in the direction of a good book/site to read up on.

--- Screen Output ---

Knowledge is Power

./trial: line 7: /home/brian/*.vob: No such file or directory
./trial: line 8: /home/brian/A_NIGHT_AT_THE_MUSEUM.avi: Permission denied

brian@Brian-Linux ~ $

--- The Trial Script I'm Working With ---

# My first shell script
echo "Knowledge is Power"
echo ""
$ls /home/brian/*.vob > VOB.lst
$ls /home/brian/*.avi > AVI.lst

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