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April 28, 2011

virt-install becoming a headache

hi all!!
i want to try virtualization with kvm. i have a server that supports V-Tecnology. i installed all necessary packets so virt-install can work. i have a centOS 5.5 with no graphical interface with kernel 2.6.18-194(default kernel of this distro) , static ip. i have been looking lots of how-to's it seems very simple to do it, but i don't get well along with it, and i'm becoming a little bit feed up of it so i'm writting here.
the kvm % kvm-intel modules load fine.
FIRST QUESTION: in lots of how-to's tells that you need a version 2.6.20 or higher of kernel to have kvm support, but at the kvm-how-to page it tells that it wil work with version 2.6.17 or higher. i supose that if you don't have a friendly kernel kvm it will not work. am i right?
i want to create 3 VM, 2 centos5.2 of 64 & 32 bits, and one fedora of 32b for the coorp i work., each of them in text mode.
with this command:

virt-install -n BXVI \
-r 1024\
--os-type linux\
-l /data/dist_img/Centos_5.2_final.iso\ / * if i put instead -cdrom instead of -l it happens the same
--disk patj=/data/images/disk.img
-x "console=ttyS0"

before configuring networks and other things i want to create 1 VM and then i will think of adding network & other stuff.

so once i press enter after putting the command above. it starts the installation of the CentOS in text mode.
first appears the menu to select the language ---> no problem

second appears the menu called "Installation Method" with 5 options "Local CDRom, Hard Drive, NFS image, FTP, HTTP" and i get stuck here
because if i select the option of "Local CDrom" or "Hard drive" it tells me that for the first "it doesn't find the CentOS CD" and for the second tells me that "it seems that i don't have any hard drives on my system", and it asks me if i want to configure an additional device but if i put yes it prints an error telling that it failed to mount driver disk or saying that driver disk is invalid for this release of centos.
if i select http it tells me to configure ipv4 telling if it will be dhcp or manual config. but with this option i supose that i had to add the option of "--network Bridge:default" even with it it does nothing, well if i configure it manually it ask me an IP, Mask, Gateway, DNS. then i put the mirror direction and the path to the centos and it prints me an error
2 QUESTION: why the h__ it shows the second menu of "Installation Method" if i put where was the iso, the virtual disk to install the OS guest...¬ø?¬ø?¬ø
i don't now how to get to the next step of the installation can somebody please help me!!

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