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Create Your Own "Neural Paintings" using Deep Learning

Neural networks can work on so many things. They can understand our voices, interpret images, and translate conversations, but did you know they can...
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TripleO QuickStart HA Setup && Keeping undercloud persistent between cold reboots

This post follows up and might work as timer saver unless status undecloud.qcow2 perhttp://...
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5 Sparkling CLI Linux Time Trackers

Time tracking software is a type of computer software that records time spent on tasks. This category of software can enable users to run billing...
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RDO Triple0 QuickStart HA Setup on Intel Core i7-4790 Desktop (work in progress)

  This post follows up  In meantime undercloud-install,...
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managing IT orgs and steering digital transformation in the enterprise
When managing IT organizations and steering digital transformation in the enterprise, technology leaders need to support proper use of both OSS and commercial technologies as part of their toolchain, while putting the right systems in place to enable enterprise-scale, governance and security.

Open Source as Part of Your Software Delivery Toolchain in the Enterprise: Perspectives for CIOs

A myriad of point-tools are involved in every organizations’ software production. Some of our enterprise customers report using over 50 tools along...
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Linux Utility - Understand Linux Crontab Or Cron Expressions To Run Command At Specific Interval

Linux Crontab helps you to run commands, apps or scripts at a custom specific interval. You can schedule the run at the required interval. Crontab...
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Linux Utilities - Linux File Sharing Over Network Computers Using scp And rsync

In this article we shall discuss about two powerful Linux utilities that are used for sharing file/folder to network computers that are scp and rsync...
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How To Install And Use VBoxManage On Ubuntu 16.04 And Use Its Command line Options

VirtualBox comes with a suite of command line utilities, and you can use the VirtualBox command line interfaces (CLIs) to manage VMs on a remote...
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How To Install Btrfs Tools And Manage BTRFS Operations

Btrfs is a new copy on write (CoW) filesystem for Linux aimed at implementing advanced features while focusing on fault tolerance, repair and easy...
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One Repository Management to Rule Them All -- RhodeCode Is Open Source

Application developent in an enterprise environment is getting more and more attention nowadays. Since every company is a software company, firms...
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