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Open Schoolhouse
Penn Manor schools saved over a million dollars by trading proprietary software for open source counterparts with its student laptop program. Now they're running their own student help desk.

High School's Help Desk Teaches Open Source IT Skills

The following is an adapted excerpt from chapter six of The Open Schoolhouse: Building a Technology Program to Transform Learning and Empower...
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Signs You're Doing DevOps Right

Your organization has been practicing DevOps for some time. These seven practices will help you determine if you've been doing so in the right way....
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Kubernetes High Availability Setup Using Ansible

I have created an Ansible module to create a highly available (HA) Kubernetes cluster with latest release 1.4.x on CentOS 7.X. You can use this...
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Untangling Macros in C

  As programmers, in our daily office/school life, we are expected to write code following best practice, to comment it wisely, so that when need is...
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How to Choose the Ultimate DevOps Tools

It's not just about deciding to practice DevOps, Agile, and Lean, it's also important to know the proper tools that make DevOps a success. To be...
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How to Install an SSL Certificate on Linux Server

With Security being the top most priority in the e-commerce world, the importance of SSL Certificates has skyrocketed. Installing an SSL Certificate...
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A Tale of Cylinders and Shadows

Taking a closer look as to why GTK+ experienced significant speed issues when used with Wayland and HiDPI screens. --- Written by Gustavo Noronha,...
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Planning Microservices: Know the Tradeoffs with Monolithic Design

By now you no doubt understand the advantages of using a microservices architecture, especially in greenfield applications, and in new organizations...
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4 Reasons Why SSH Connection Fails

As DevOps or IT professionals, people may ask us why they can't ssh to servers. It happens from time to time. Isn't right? Not much fun. Just routine...
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How to Install LXD Container Hypervisor on Ubuntu 16.04 LTS Server

LXD is lxc on steroids with strong security on the mind. LXD is not a rewrite of LXC. Under the hood, LXD uses LXC through liblxc and its Go binding...
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