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Prototyping IoT Applications using Beaglebone and Debian

The recent emergence of the Internet of Things (IoT) and associated applications into the mainstream means more developers will be required to...
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crossword app
In this third installment of our series, we get to the main event: running our Kr8sswordz Puzzle application.

Run and Scale a Distributed Crossword Puzzle App with CI/CD on Kubernetes (Part 3)

In Part 2 of our series, we deployed a Jenkins pod into our Kubernetes cluster, and used Jenkins to set up a CI/CD pipeline that automated building...
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How Github Can Be The Most Powerful Ticketing Tool

  How Github Can Be The Most Powerful Ticketing Tool Compared to all other ticketing tools, GitHub Issues is the only platform giving entire freedom...
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Virtme: The Kernel Developer's Best Friend

When working on the Linux Kernel, testing via QEMU is pretty common. Here's a look at virtme, a QEMU wrapper that uses the host instead of a virtual...
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Launch your Ecommerce Business for Free with Open Source Solutions

By Cédric Geffroy At present, there are a lot of saas ecommerce software used to launch an ecommerce business. Softwares like Shopify, Volusion or...
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Writing in English for an international audience takes work; here are some handy tips to remember.

5 Tips to Improve Technical Writing for an International Audience

Learn how to write for an international audience in this article from our archives. Writing in English for an international audience does not...
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GStreamer CI Support for Embedded Devices

Embedded devices are a popular deployment target for GStreamer yet they are not tested on the project's Continuous Integration (CI) system. Here's a...
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Interning at an Open Source Consultancy

At the start of 2018 in January, Omar Akkila joined Collabora, an open source software consultancy, as a Software Engineer Intern with the Multimedia...
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GPU Virtualization Update

A few months ago, Robert Foss wrote a blog post about virtualizing GPU Access. In his post, Robert explained the architecture of the GPU...
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Upstream Linux Support for New NXP i.MX 8

The i.MX 6 platform has for the past few years enjoyed a large effort to add upstream support to Linux and surrounding projects. Now it is at the...
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