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OpenStack cloud
This article compares the community contributions of four of the top open source automation tools used with OpenStack: Ansible, Chef, Juju Charms, and Puppet.

Managing OpenStack with Open Source Tools

To manage an OpenStack cloud infrastructure, you need to manage the configuration of the individual cloud services and the orchestration between them...
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Top 10 Reasons Why Node.js Is Next Big Thing in Web Application Development

Node.js is an open source, cross platform, java script runtime environment for developing a different variety of tools and applications.  There are...
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Vim Tips and Tricks That You Probably Never Heard Of

The most common file editor in Linux is Vim. Even if there is no other editor installed in the system, you can still use it in its most basic form,...
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RDO Newton Overcloud HA Deployment via instack-virt-setup on CentOS 7.2 VIRTHOST

Draft below may be considered as POC awaiting release of TripleoO QuickStart along with flexible templates managed by ansible and KSM patching....
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Ansible: Getting Started

What is Ansible? Ansible was originally written by Michael DeHaan in Python with its first release on February 20, 2012. It was later acquired by Red...
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ShellCheck: Code Check For Shell Scripts

Shell scripting is a must-have skill for DevOps. I used to be very very confident at Shell. But when I first tried ShellCheck , I realized that I'm...
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9 Useful Tips For Linux Server Security

Any serious systems can't ignore server security, especially in public Cloud. No doubt there're tons of tips and tutorials available on the Internet...
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How DevOps Can Improve Security and Compliance

One of our recent Continuous Discussion (#c9d9) podcast episodes focused on best practices around the tenets of DevOps and Security. Our expert panel...
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Open source business
John Mark Walker explains how vendors and their customers can consummate their open source love.

Vendors and Customers Gettin' Open Sourcey With It

I’ve written extensively how open source has leveled the playing field between technology vendors and their customers. I’ve also written about how “...
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Docker layers
Docker’s inherent layering model gives its images the luxury of being lightweight and exceptionally performant.

Diffs and the Power of the Docker Layering Model

Recently I’ve been working more with the sophisticated tool that is Docker, and it hasn’t escaped me that the foundation of the DevOps world is...
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