Auditd and AUReport

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Hey there Guys / Girls,

I hope I can get a lil help, looking around I havent had luck as yet on getting this.

I have setup sever file watches using the auditd service. and they definately are working how I would like.
the issue I have is 2 fold,

1stly aureport generated the log in a decent to read format, however I want the aureport -f to include the auid in the report, can I add it somehow?

2ndly I want to trigger a Email on certain alerts.
For example I audit the /home/root folder and the /etc/* selection now I want a alert to trigger for the /etc/* alerts to send (preferably in nice readable format) to myself.

My Linux skills are still much to my dismay very very low but I is learning slowly :D

*Oh Side note, Im doing this through Command line, dont want to enable grub or anything.

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I'm far from knowledgeable in this area, but, is it possible to trigger "sendmail" from auditd? Sendmail has a multitude of configuration options.

Check it out, type "man sendmail" (without quotes) in a terminal and read up on it. It may be able to do something that auditd can't.

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Thanks GoinEasy,

Im having a look through it, just not having luck at the moment :( BUT I shall prevail bwahahahaa.

Ill post the solution here too if i figure it out.

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