March 8, 2011

Similar way to secure smart phones and tablets?


I was going to do this as a blog post but I thought I get some feedback first. To see if its good enough to publish at all.:unsure:

Similar way to secure smart phones and tablets.

One way to move away from the problem of the malware ridden Windows platform was to run a Linux LiveCD. Why not use a similar approach to secure smart phones and tablets? The method works by bypassing any contaminated apps that have been installed on the user system by booting and running a minimal default system. Ideally the second system would be on a read-only media but a secure write protect system is perhaps good enough. Here the user can not install anything to compromise the system.

To make it as simple as possible one can add a button to restart the device and to run the secure system, like a built in splashtop in a dualboot configuration.

This method does not exclude the need for checking the applications in the appstore. However when security matters. When we do online banking and other money transactions we need to have a dedicated device. Be it a PC, smart phone or tablet.

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