March 12, 2012

best Linux for architects



I am an architect in a small firm that barely manages, and I'm trying to avoid costly CAD software by switching to cheaper and free programs and applications. I never considered Linux before because AutoCAD - the main drafting program - hasn't been known to work on Linux.

However, things change dramatically since I've tried to work in DraftSight and decided to test out several other linux-compatible alternatives. ( )

I would like to try switching to Linux now and have the following questions:

1. Which Linux distribution works best with graphic-intensive software? (supports graphic cards - although not the highest end)
2. Which Linux distribution would you recommend for me as a user? - I have never used Linux or DOS, but I've had to learn at least a dozen complex drafting programs in the last decade, I used to be able to write HTML and use other people's PHP scripts too. I'm prepared to take a few months to test it and get used to it.

Grateful for answers,

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