May 22, 2010

Disabling Nepomuk


So basically what I want to do is to let Nepomuk burn in a fire.
Now my situation is like this: I am running Debian Squeeze which is the current testing. I am using the Trinity fork of KDE 3.5 which installs KDE into /opt separate from everything else. Now for some reason, what I do not know, Nepomuk is always running when I log into KDE. This does not happen when I log into XFCE for example, only when logging into KDE.

So where can I disable this memory hogging monster that is eating up my CPU for seemingly no good reason since it as far as I know is not at all used in KDE 3 but was only introduced in KDE 4. What is it that spawns nepomukserver and all those nepomukservicestub on login?

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