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May 6, 2011

Drizzle, the MySQL heir



I'm a heavy user of MySQL - can't live w/o it, really. I don't have ridonkulous amounts of data/records, and my end-user population is usually in the single digits, so I really don't need an enterprise solution (and I don't have funding to throw at the problem anyway), i.e., MySQL suits my needs perfectly. So naturally, when I read this article today:


it got me wondering about Drizzle. I've never heard of it, but apparently it will be the de facto open source DB soon.

Does anyone have any experience with it? How different is the API? Are there significant improvements (or bugs)? Is it worth avoiding the Christmas rush and getting it installed now? I'm a perl monkey, so I was relieved to see plenty of Drizzle-related modules on CPAN - any experiences with those out there?

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