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June 12, 2015

gui customiz-ability, plus Irfanview


Howdy folks-
I'm about as nooby as it's possible to get but my question seemed to fit here better. My apologies if i'm wrong.
I'm VERY distract-able, so tweak-ability of GUI is a big deal to me. I've scoured the web looking for advice on the best distro and desktop manager [Mint? Sabayon? Elementary? Gnome? Cinnamon? Enlightenment? or????] but can't find a consensus.
2] some people say that the distro and desktop manager don't matter- that you can tweak/prettify any distro equally well. Really???
3] What's the manager with the maximum number of options? Sure i'd love ease of use but sheer number of options is worth any extra sweat.
4] What distro and/or desktop manager enables transparency of app windows?
5] [and this is a non-GUI question} how reasonable is it to hope that i can run Irfanview on [any] Linux? I loathe my Windows7 but, like many people, am addicted to Irfanview.
In general [and yes, this is hard question to answer], what are my chances of running the average windows utility on Linux [i.e. Vitrite, Winroll, CursorFx].
Thanks in advance for your help.


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