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April 22, 2009

Linux Desktop Wishlist


I thought I'd post one of my tomboy notes as my first post at the new linux.com. The note is titled "Linux Desktop Wishlist" - it is basically things that I think could be improved or added to make the desktop "Perfect." Feel free to add more.

* Beagle Index Thunderbird Contacts (GNOME-Do does)
* VirtualBox Drag and Drop Files
* VirtualBox DirectX Support (OpenGL Now Working!)
** Improved OpenOffice (Equation Editor / Speed)
* MSN/AIM/Yahoo Voice/Video/Games
** Silverlight (Moonlight 2.0 For Netflix Watch Now)
** Move Media Player (ESPN360.com ABC)
* Better Video Editor
** WINE Imp. (EPSN360/Silverlight)
** Improved wine app install (wine-doors could be better)
** PowerDVD/FFMPEG Easy BluRay Playback
* Add Link to Scripts/Themes at Gnome-Look
* Skype SMS / PulseAudio (2.1)
** MythTV Nicer Integration of WebVideos ( Something like Boxee)
* Better Looking GDM (Seriously it looks like crap after the rewrite)
* Better Default Desktop Icons
* Make Dust Default Theme
* Docky Workspace Options
** Synaptic AppStore
* Easier Way to install Repos - Perhaps have a list of common ones that you can just click and choose.
** Banshee Auto Bookmark Songs in Tracks

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