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October 13, 2010

Looking for professional video editing software


I am trying to find a good video editor for Linux.

I use Kino quite a bit for cleaning up my raw video before I editing into a video. Kino works pretty good, however, it's not as good as older versions of Adobe Premier which is what i have had to resort to using because I just can't find anything that does all that in Linux. There is an app that looks similar to Adobe Premier but it isn't usable. It crashes a lot and just seems like alpha or possibly beta software at the most.

I need the ability to edit audio while it is attached to the video so that it doesn't get out of sync. Example: having the audio track extend over the beginning of the next video clip while also being able to start fading it out as it nears the end of the audio where the next clip starts... very easy to do in Adobe and a nightmare to do with Kino.

I tried and tried to get Cinelerra (cinelerra.org) to work, but I could only get it to work (partially) in Ubuntu.

I run the latest stable version of Debian without contribs or non-free packages in my sources.list.

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