March 14, 2011

Static IP Address & joining a 2008 server domain.


I'm currently running Ubuntu server 10.10 with ubuntu-desktop installed,(which is gnome I believe)

It seemed like a simple task to set a static IP in the gui, however I was not successful lol. I went to administration > network tools. Found my network card and added a static IP, but i'm still using a dynamic IP instead of my static one. What did I do wrong?

Second, I've found two programs to join a windows 2008 server domain, I'm trying to avoid using WINS for the sake of proving my network professor wrong lol. Centrify that we see adds regarding, and then likewise-open. Likewise claimed to have worked, but it's hard to tell since it's still picking up a IP from the DHCP server.

So my second question is basically the best program to use to join a windows 2008 server domain without running WINS on the windows server.

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