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March 10, 2011

Switching Over



New to the system -> have not gotten through all FAQs yet.

I am buying new netbook. Am really interested in dropping win7starter and running Linux.
My question is about switching everything I currently do on my desktop (WIN XP 32) and doing the tasks on Linux (on my netbook first). I am an engineering student and will use netbook for school mostly. Netbook new -1.66Gz Dual Core with 2 Gb RAM (10.1").

Running MATLab
Running Power Point
Online radio
Watching DVD's
Sharing media with my friends
Connecting devices - (I have a blue tooth USB headset)
Running Rosetta Stone
Possibly running Ableton Live 8
Connecting to my desktop to exchange files

What are some issues I can expect in the switch? I have been intereseted in Linux for a while now. I would like to get into it as there seems to have major functional advantages over Windows - like less required memory for simple tasks. If everything is smooth on Netbook I will likely install Linux on my desktop.



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