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April 24, 2010

Top 10 Point of Sale (POS) Software in Linux


While I was looking for a good Point of Sale software for my own store, I made a list of open source point of sale (POS) software in 2010 that runs on Linux. After that I got good response from readers and I decided to update it. On todays perspective this list has grown much bigger. There are great hardware support for linux as well as web based POS. However my observation is we see only few players in the market.

1. PHP Point of Sale
Platform: LAMP
Type: Retail POS
Description: This POS is good for new stores. You can easily install it and even setup whole system on your web server. The project is active and good thing is you will can pay for support and certified hardware.
Url: https://github.com/jekkos/opensourcepos
User rating: 4.7/5 *

2. Floreant POS
Type: Restaurant POS
Platform: Java
Description: You will never regret with Floreant POS. OROCUBE LLC started it in 2008 based on business process of Denny's restaurant and I would say its very active and consider what users need. They have implemented separate features for QSRs/Take out, Dine Ins, Drive thru and bar. I did not find GUI menu builder feature like Digital Dining or Aldelo but to me menu driven approach is simple and good. Best thing I see is it supports Order wise pricing. It support virtual printers where you can route items to multiple kitchen printers . I liked their Kitchen Display. Payment system was not friendly until recently that added discount & coupons, and forced Modifiers and variable modifiers are handled properly, Payroll, Server tips etc. Recent version of Floreant has barcode support. Its free AS IS with community forum but its web site says they also have commercial subscription for support.

Url: http://floreantpos.org
User rating: 5/5 *

3. Open Bravo POS & Forks
Type: Retail POS
Platform: Java
TinaPOS was nice open source POS. They eventually merged to Open bravo. I personally think that was a good step but eventually it went to a bloatware. Also Open Bravo was not touch screen friendly. However they made good documentation and also added different type of hardware and payment process. Now the project is not active. But good thing is we find good number of projects that forks Open Bravo. uniCenta is very nice for retail stores. They also added some features for Food stores but I would not recommend them for Fine Dine In that requires orders by Seat, Courses and server tip management and cash out etc. Chromis is another good initiative that split from UniCenta and they have best kitchen display system. Last but not least I would request any one to test Wanda pos and NORD.

4. Lemon POS
Type: Retailer POS
Description: Lemon is easy and produces useful reports.It has support for scanner and printer and its good for linux kiosk running on small resources.
Platform: Linux
Url: https://sourceforge.net/projects/lemonpos

5. PosPER
Type: Restaurant POS
Description: They are a new kid in the block. They forked Tina POS and already got 5/5 rating from users. I would recommend them for fast food store. They support Menu, Order management, Object oriented design, Active community.
Url: https://sourceforge.net/projects/posper

6. Merchants' Village Consignment POS
Type: Retailer POS
Platform: Web
Description: Can print bar code price labels for inventory which consignors want to sell, and provides a cashier checkout screen that can be used by consignment shops/markets to scan and sell large volumes of others' items quickly.
Image: //merchantsvillage.com/files/merchant9.png)
Url: Merchant's Village

7. Posterita POS (Point of Sale)
Type: Retailer POS
Platform: Web
Description: Full web POS for large distribution and multi-site Point of Sale for thousands of users. Posterita POS is built on Adempiere/ERP. Currently less active.
Url: posterita

8. CybOrg
Type: Restaurant POS
Description: Cybercafe Organizer. Flexible web-based interface written in Perl, Can lock prepaid customers.
Platform: Perl
Url: https://sourceforge.net/projects/cyborg/

9. synPOS
Type: Retailer POS
Description: Lightweight POS written in Java can be integrated with ERP.
Platform: Java

10. nTPV
Type: Restaurant POS
Description: Designed for bars, cafes and restaurants. Good community.
Platform: QT,KDE, Postgresql

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