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April 17, 2010

Using KDE 3.5 on a modern distro


Hi there fellow Penguins.
For many different reasons ranging from drivers to my wireless networking card to applications I am now more or less forced to upgrade my Debian Lenny to something slightly more up to date. I am using Lenny on my 8 year old Dell Latitude C600 with an 800mzh processor and 512MB of RAM; a real beast when it was new.
So I am in love with KDE 3.5 that I'm using on it. It simply works and it works exactly as I want it to work, it is my computer. And that is what's causing me to create this post: How can I continue using KDE 3.5 on Debian Sid or Fedora 13, is it at all possible?

The reasons why I'm upgrading is because I need newer KDE libraries and a newer kernel. The newer libraries to run Mumble 1.2 and the newer kernel because it hopefully will contain a working version of the driver for my Texas Instruments ACX100 networking card, it was marked as experimental in 2.6.28.

And just so that everyone knows. I do want to use KDE 3.5, this thread is no place to discuss alternatives. I know that other lightweight DE's exists and I have used them, yet nothing is as fast or as agile as KDE 3.5. And honestly, running something else than a lightweight DE would be a joke. KDE 4.3 consumes as much RAM as the ammount I have installed :P

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