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July 12, 2009

Web Development in Linux


There are a lot of great tools available for web developers in Linux. I recently put a fresh install of Kubuntu on my laptop. After getting Quicken and some other programs working in Wine, I decided not to install Virtualbox with Windows XP. However, I would like to test websites in Internet Explorer or other native Windows browsers, because the fonts generally appear bigger in Windows and this can sometimes screw up a layout. I know about ies4linux and also, I am able to run IE6 after getting it installed with winetricks.

So, the crux of the situation is that I want to keep the default fonts that come bundled with Linux so I can see what most Linux visitors see (this rules out installing msttcorefonts). But, I also want to see a pixel-perfect rendering of what most Windows visitors will see, without going through the whole rigamarole of installing Virtualbox with Windows XP.

Is there any way to test and see what a website will look like in Windows while without installing a Windows emulator?

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