November 28, 2012

xlsfonts cant see fonts that chkfontpath has listed


Hi, I asked this in the CentOS forums but didnt get a reply, so ill try here:

Recently one of my apps started complaining it couldnt find the 6x10 font it used by default. I started poking around and saw that no apps could see the font, and then noticed they couldnt see most of my other fonts either. These fonts listed by xlsfonts are the only ones the system can see, but chkfontpath lists folders that have tons of fonts in them.

[blah@blah ~]$ xlsfonts

These are the font folders:

[blah@blah ~]$ chkfontpath

Those folders have tons of fonts in them. Ive restarted xfs but nothings changed. Its a CentOS5 box.

Any suggestions?

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