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June 3, 2010

cron job execution...


$crontab -e
* * * * * /root/cronJob.sh >> /root/cronJobExecuted.log

Source: cronJob.sh
sh /root/scheduledJob.sh

Source: scheduledJob.sh
One of my web application will keep on insert list of ssh command in my file "scheduledJob.sh" such as
ssh -i key.pem root@ -C sh /mnt/monitor.sh >> /root/Output.txt
ssh -i key.pem root@ -C sh /mnt/monitor.sh >> /root/Output.txt

In remote machine,
Source: monitor.sh
echo `cat /mnt/imageOutput.txt`

Source: imageOutput.txt

As soon as when ssh get executed in scheduledJob.sh, I should not execute it again.
How is should handle this...

Cronjob has executed 1) ssh -i key.pem root@ -C sh /mnt/monitor.sh >> /root/Output.txt
and 2)ssh -i key.pem root@ -C sh /mnt/monitor.sh >> /root/Output.txt

Again when cronjob trying to execute, it should skip the above 2 ssh command , it should execute only the new command if and only if exist....How i can handle this ?

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