January 29, 2015

dual booted windows 7 and debian wheezy 7.7.0 only debian booted


im joining this, hoping tbat anyone would help me to fix this problem.
I dual booted windows 7 and debian wheezy, I wanted to boot windows 7 first, but, only windows boot (no option to choose debian) so I did boot to rescue mode to fix this, and fix this /etc/default/grub and change thjs GRUB_DEFAUlT=0 which debian but only to boot debian.
and did this with grub terminal on boot changing the (hd0,msdos6) to (/dev/sda6 and I cannot change this again cause I cannot open it/boot to.
how do o fix this?
Cant seem to delete this

Managed to fix this though, i had set boot time to zero.

had to reinstall debian

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