July 9, 2009

help wrinting universal bash script to install


Hello all-
It has become painfully clear to me that while I am able to convert my fellow social scientists and friends to linux, a disconnect exists.

i once made a remastered version of my ubuntu with all sorts of social psych goodies (Referencer, pybibliographer, bibus, pspp, R, Rkward, etc) all in a distro and distributed it to a few who were interested.

However, I use more than 1 distro.
I also love arch/gentoo, etc.

What I'd love to learn is how to write a script that can be executed on any (or at least a debian, arch,and gentoo based) distro and install programs.

All of the programs I'd like to install come from the ubuntu science lists in the sections of statistics, bibliography, and word processing.