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July 13, 2010

Restarting SquirrelMail from the command line


I am still fairly new to Linux, although I have used it in school and have a good foundation in operating systems and programming. As part of my current job I have just taken on the role of Junior Network Administrator to do some simple modifications on our Linux Web Server to change some passwords for increased security. One of our 2 Linux servers is running fine after the password mods, but the other server is acting as our Mail Server and is using Squirrelmail as the Webmail interface. I changed the password for the one and only user on that system, and then rebooted the server and re-logged in as the user to get back to the command line - the same condition as it was in before modifying password - the new password worked fine, but now our email is down - inaccessible - whereas it was working fine before I did the change and rebooted. What do I need to do to get our Squirrelmail back online? Is there a daemon/service that needs to be activated after rebooting to enable the mail service or Squirrelmail to get our email accounts back online?

Also, did changing the password for the user create a conflict for the MySQL database - is there a config file for the database that contains the username and password for authentication and access to the database - would the password be the same as the password for the user to login to the command line after rebooting the server?

We are using SquirrelMail 1.4.20 Released in March 2010 on a Linux Ubuntu 8.04.4 LTS system.

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