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July 15, 2009

An Unfortunate Divorce from CLI


I have been using Linux for several years now. As a newbie, I relied heavily on the GUI (and my install discs, for that matter), but as time progressed, I realized that I could use the terminal well and knew how to find help in various forums if I needed it (e.g. I did not know about cnetworkmanger--a great CLI app). Unfortunately, I recently switched to Linux Mint because I wanted to try something different than Ubuntu which I had been using for a while. I like it, but when I looked for help in the forums, I was ridiculed for even considering using a non-GDM boot. Even the most experience forum admins refused to answer my question, and others decided that it would be alright to start posting in the thread referring to me in the third-person. This not intended to be a rant against Mint--I do still use it, but I am sad to think that we have forgotten our roots. The stability of Linux is in the CLI, and it has great apps that can make us all happy. We just need to not forget what we have; the GUI is nice, but CLI is good, too.

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