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August 9, 2010

find /var/www/ -type f >> FullFileList.txt

find /var/www/ -type f >> FullFileList.txt

i try to get some structure into a poorly sorted collection of 100Million html,jpg,flv,swf,doc,pdf etc files which a spread to a a million of subfolders.

find /var/www/ -type f >> FullFileList.txt

a whole run would take about 20 hours and fill about 100 Million lines

but for some reason its always failing somewhere at 60% and filesize 2GB

i tryed it about 10 times in a row

filesystem is XFS

maybe its just one corrupted filename or read error but its not always exactly the same line were it stops

now i wonder if there is a way to continue

if not , if there is a whole other method to reach the same listing, which will also be able to continue instead of restart

thanks a lot in advance

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