May 28, 2010

[Resolved] ARG..... HELP PLEASE c:bob.txt filename

Hi Guys / Girls,

Im in serious need of assistance here, and Im hoping there is a solution thats relatively easy from the command terminal not gui interface....

I had a ^#$(^(#$^%&($ user generate a SQL script with a windows path and filename, and lovely SQL just converted it to one HUGE filename in the SQL execution directory this case /home/root

Now the problem exactly, the output filename is now in the /home/root diretory as c:bobsoutput.txt and I can not do a thing with it. I need to get it off server or something but using a scp or cp or even mv t try rename keeps giving me this error

{root@proddb}# scp c:osaso_security_rules.txt gareth.thompson@prodtrans:/home/gareth.thompson/
ssh: c: Name or service not known

Any suggestions or assist would be greatly appreciated thanks,:S

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