October 18, 2009

Shell Script Question

Hi all
I want u to help answer this question
( A shell script should be named new_database.sh and its purpose is to create a new database. It accepts two arguments, the first is SCHEMA_NAME and the second is a DATABASE_NAME. For instance, below is an example invocation of the new_database.sh script and response.
$ .new_database.sh persons tutors
The name of the database and the schema it uses should be appended to the databases.txt file.
Below is an example databases.txt file:
tutors persons
student persons
nina_12345_grades grades
intel company
If either the SCHEMA_NAME does not exist or the DATABASE_NAME already exists, then you the command prints an appropriate error message and exit. If the SCHEMA_NAME exists and the DATABASE_NAME is not already used, then the script should append the information to the end of the databases.txt file, create a new empty database file of the form DATABASE_NAME.db, and print a message that the database has been created.

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