July 20, 2011

Telnet logging

Hello everyone. I have a script that telnets into a linux workstation and restarts a service, while logging the session to a file. I'm kind of new to linux so when I was using windows I would capture something like

windows cli: telnet xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx -f c:/capture.log
[me@remote]# /sbin/service dhcpd restart
Shutting down dhcpd: OK]
Starting dhcpd: OK]

Now when using the linux telnet client I capture something like

[me@local]# telnet xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx | tee -a /users/me/capture.log
[me@remote]# /sbin/service dhcpd restart
Shutting down dhcpd: [60G[ [0;32mOK[0;39m ]
Starting dhcpd: [60G[ [0;32mOK[0;39m ]

It looks like the telnet session is passing control characters or something like that to the log file, which messes up some scripts that check whether the service was succesfully restarted.
I've already tried playing around with the telnet mode (line vrs char) with no effect. Any ideas on how to get the log with just plain text?

Thanks for any advice and sorry if I posted in the wrong place.

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