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July 12, 2009

Linux program to create LiveCD of installed Debian


I saw some program (I forget what it was called) on another distro that allows one to create a LiveCD of their installed linux (as a backup in case of emergency and/or to carry around with you) ... I _think_ that it was a GUI program!? I am using Kanotix Excalibur (with the latest Debian / KDE kernel) and I see no such program listed in Synaptic (or did I miss something somewhere)!? Even though I've used Linux for several years, I'm not real knowledgeable on Linux's command-line or terminal commands and would prefer to stay away from anything that was too complicated; I'd prefer a program that would do all the necessary work and all I'd have to do was click a few [OK]'s, and maybe do as _little_ bit of typing as possible! ;) Can anyone point me to a program (or more) such as I am asking about? Thanks all, QBall

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