July 23, 2009

ati-catalyst 9.6 on kernel 2.6.30(x86) Crash!!


Anyone can run ati-catalyst 9.6 on kernel 2.6.30 well?
I'm useing Archlinux (i686) on kernel 2.6.30 with catalyst 9.6, but badly video driver. Run glxgear or glxinfo then crash everytime, everytime!!:angry: god know it.

The catalyst 9.6-4 in aur, Dose anyone can fix it?

PS:Video Card is ATI Mobility Radeon HD 3450 (M82,PCI:1002-95C4)

PS2: Yesterday 9.7 is out, Crash again.
PS3: I jump at Archlinux(x64) at last, It works now, just works.

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