July 11, 2014

How can check/test serial port working in my target board and How can configure node in kernel for s


I want to know that how and where can I find serial driver file (i.e. for /ttyS*) in my kernel image in Linux.... ???


How can I check/test the serial driver on my ARM dev. board ?? (mean how can I test that driver and serial port is working properly ?? )

can you just suggest me or tell me that how can I check my serial port on my ARM target board that is working correctly and how can I configure serial post ???

I mean that , as we configure fb0 for LVDS LCD and configure it and send any image on it that's same how can I check my serial port and check it that whether its working correctly or not ??

How can I activate it's node in my board ??

Please reply me ASAP I need help urgent, b'coz it's very imp for me so..

Thanks a lot.

Best Regards

Jaymin D

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