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July 7, 2011

Installing Driver for ASUS USB-N 13 Ahhhh!


:blink: Ok.. A whole day of my life has been flushed down the drain in a frenzy of Google Searches and phone calls, and I hate to be the newby to ask a, more then likely, stupid question of all of you.

1. I have a disk that came with my ASUS USB-N 13 Wireless Adaptor.
2. How do I use it, to install "what ever it is" to my Fedora 15 to make it work. And I need some real step by step. Imagine as if you are trying to tell you grandmother how to do it.

I do appologize, I do internet trouble calls for a cable company and can work the rear end out of Winblows, but this Linux stuff is rough. I switched to Linux for security purposes, and I am devoted to learning it.... But I just have to get this USB Wireless adaptor to work so I don' t have to run a 75 foot ethernet cord, in a two story house!

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