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March 6, 2012

Line discipline, serial datation and log


Hi everybody,

I have to find a solution to log data (and date the data) from serial in my software. This software will be implemented on Linux system (2.6.29 precisly). It's an embedded software and the linux has also an RTC.

I found some documentation on internet. According to me, the best solution to be more deterministic on datation is to implement a new line discipline which add a datation service to the serial driver.

I need to be more deterministic as possible with a non-real time system and I want to re-use this software on different systems. That forces me not to modify the low-level layer driver which is specific to the hardware.

So, do you know if there is already some existing project which includes this kind of solution?

I tried to find some documentation on "how to implement a new line discipline" but unsuccessfully. Do you know something on this subject?


ps : sorry for my writting, I'm french...

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