September 2, 2010

Sitecom WL-321 drivers needed


hi all!!!

i hope u can help me with my problem(s)

first my system: compaq presario F500 series
Ubuntu 10.04 netbook remix

well a few days ago my WIFI card burnt out deu to the fail of compaq, the bios had an error and now my WIFI card is fried beyond repair, the mother board doesnt respond to a new card... damn shame.

so i think i was smart enough to buy a Sitecom WL321 gaming router, well im not smart.
the router is recognized by linux and can see some networks, all fine, no.
I cant connect to any network, i need to install the drivers so it will work.

contacted sitcom, all i got was: we cant help you, if u are using WL-321 under linux we cant give any support.

been trying for days to get this to work but finnaly i found a problem i cant solve myself.

happy to here from you....

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