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May 28, 2011

New and Confused!!


Hello Linux Community,

Well I'm a newbie with the Linux world and totally green with when it comes to software, driver installs and the all around technical attributes of Linux computing. As you have already noticed I've been with "WinDoze" as they say, too long. I want to convert darn it!! :blink:

So I am here for advice and direction. My first accomplishment is the installation of Fedora 14. I don't know why this distro but then again why not right? OK my first form of duty is to install a Asus usb N13 wireless net work adapter. As we all know in MS WinDoze all we need to do is insert disc and follow the promps....simple, In Linux no such pleasure...I actually have to work a little to get what I want. No biggie I like work and work hard at it, but I can admit failure...but never defeat. Thats why I'm here, looking for a hand and not "da-feet" :P

Anyway, please direct me on how to go about getting my n13 installed. Picture too would be great ;)

Thanks you!

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