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February 23, 2010

Game Server Hosting OS


Witch Linux should I use for just ONLY gameserver hosting only, such as Counterstrike, Quake 3,4, and the useual first person shooters, I am not looking for a free program to download, but if the free one is the best then I will use it, keep in mind that this will be running on a 1U Rackmount and I will not be there and must remotely control it from a laptop at home and will not need to load a graphical interface on system startup to save resources, it could be just running as a commandline server. The specs of the box will be:

Tyan S2925G2NR-E Serverboard
Quad-Core AMD Opteron‚Ñ¢ 1381 2.5GHz 2200MHz 6MB Socket AM3 75W
8GB, 4pcs of Kingston 2GB DDR2 667MHZ ECC KVR667D2E5/2G
1pc of Western Digital Caviar 2TB SATAII 7200 RPM
Sony NEC Optiarc AD7590A-01 Slim DVDRW E-IDE/ATAPI Black RoHS

Integrated Two nForce Pro 3400 integrated MAC w/ Marvell

If another OS would be better such as freeBSD in Linux mode please let me know, keep in mind that I dont know crap about Linux and will need all of you guys to help me untill it is up and running.

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