February 8, 2011

Linux users not playing Flash games?


Linux has never been the best platform for games, so I've always been thinking Flash (and other browser) games were pretty appreciated amongst Linux users as they can be played on every platform supported by the Flash plugin. Well, it seems I were wrong.

About one month ago I created a Flash games portal called AskFlashGames trying to collect only quality games, because most of the ones I came across were filled with rubbish. These are the visitors stats of the first month:

click to enlarge

As you may notice, Linux users are below the 10% threshold and half of the Mac users (doesn't Steve Jobs say Flash is bad? :))!

To be honest I have no idea why this is happening, and as a portal owner and Linux user I'd like to improve this situation for what I can. So I thought to post on this forum and ask if you play Flash games and if not, why?

Any answer, feedback, story or tip is appreciated, thanks ;)

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