June 1, 2011

pokerTH-0.8.3 help?


hello and think's for reading my post. i am running a debian distro called Mepis-8.5 and i love it. all except i cant get my favorite game to work. it's called pokerTH, it work's all except the internet game part. (my favorite part) now thare is a newer verision of Mepis called M11 but it won't run on this system. i won't get into that. but pokerTH runs rite on it. when i click internet game it just closes out. i ask for help on Mepis community forums, no help so far. a guy said he thinks it has something to do with liboost being to old. but it worked on 8.0. i tryed to update all the liboost files but no help.

thinks 12volt:(

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