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April 3, 2012

AvLinux - nVidia GeForce560 HDMI - No Sound

My system: Asus p8z68deluxe/gen3 w/Intel i7 chip and 16gb of ram, also a wd sata drv 1tband a dvd/bluray writer cd player and anVidia GeForce560 GTX Ti 1040 Graphics Card using the HDMI for Video and Sound going thru my Pioneer Receiver for speakers. Could the motherboard be a problem?

Operating system: DualBoot; Windows 7 and AV-Linux 5.0.3, But the only way I could get av5 to boot off the CD or to Install on my hard drive was to enter thisbit of code “pci=noacpi acpi=off”without the quotation marks, why? I would like to know, But it works. Because of the code, do I not have my pci slots.

The Problem is av5, I have NO SOUND and av5 can't see the CD player, also av5 can't see my network printer HP Office jet pro 8600 plus

Windows on thee other hand works great,and that's what my wife likes to use for her stuff.

I gave up my Apple and ProTools because I saw Ardour and liked what I saw. But?
I have some logs on "http://pastebin.com/u/Elvisb"

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