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August 9, 2010

Best Distribution Wireless Internet/Printer??

Best distributions for wireless connections to Internet and printer EASILY? For a newbie (very, very new to Linux)
Which have you personally installed and got online and connected to your printer wirelessly without tears?

I just dedicated one of my laptops to installing a Linux distribution. The other 2 laptops are Windows and Mac OS.
Checking it out via the LiveCD was a breeze however that is no indication how it will handle wireless internet & printer connections.
I went from WOW! to WHA? and disillusionment about Linux has set in.

I have been up to 4am for past 2 days wrestling with a distribution just to get an internet connection and to get connected to a wireless printer. These are considered 2 basic functions of any computer's operating system and it shouldn't be this hard!
And yes, I have googled, read online manuals, posted questions on another forum, etc. - no progress for either problem.

Suggestions for 'out of the box' (mostly) distributions that have handled wireless connections to internet and printer without
a lot of 'tweaking', please! I expect to have to do some tweaking...but not this much.

Thank you.

Dell Inspiron; 32 bit; Linux Mint 9 Isadora (trying); main edition

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