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October 1, 2010

Best Distro for my System.

My system is baseboard a Dell 4600.
Processor Intel P4 2.8Ghz
1.5Gb DDR 333Mhz
ATI x1650 512MB DDR2

Just want the best distro that will work with my system. tried ubuntu 10.04, xubuntu 10.04, kubuntu 10.04, and Mandriva 2010 spring. I know I didn't TRY THEM ALL lol but I just want the best one. Ubuntu at least let the S-video work natively (But the TV was black and white), Mandriva the S-Video isn't showing up in the display settings just vga and dvi. and the ATI drivers arn't supported on this 2010 unix kernel? I would LIKE to use Mandriva if possible but if not I'll use ANY distro that's got a Decent functioning UI I prefer KDE but Gnome is ok just not a BIG fan of dual taskbars. so If i just need to download the Distro for an Older Kernel? I'm a I wouldn't say Guru but close when it comes to Computer's. Linux and Coding are the only bottle necks for me and i Figured if i can learn Linux then I just need to grasp how to understand programming like VB C++ etc. lol

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