December 25, 2010

best multimedia production studio

Hi. I want to start getting involved in the multimedia and graphics business so I've been doing a little research on which distro would make the best audio-video and graphics production studio and so far I've come up with Ubuntu Studio, 64Studio, ArtixtX, AV Linux and Musix. I must say I'm having a bit of a multiple dilemma here.

I'm inclined not to choose Ubuntu Studio because I read a lot of buggy problems related to it, and 64Studio since they are said to be lagging behind in development/support right now. As for the others, I can't say much about them. ArtistX looks impressive from looking at its website but I need to know the experience of other users.

I would like you to speak of your favourite distros, why and your experiences. A clear explanation of their pros and cons would be very appreciated.

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