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November 27, 2014

Bootable DVD and Switchign to Linux Help

I am really getting tired of Microsofts BS, especially how I supposedly can't use my disk space as I please because Windows is a diva. SO I am looking to switching completely to Linux in the long term. But for now I just want to know the details on making one of those bootable Linux disks for recovery in case of problems, where I can boot from it and it runs like it was installed. What do I download and how do I burn it? And would an install DVD be different then?

Also some questions to get some general sense of Linux. I get that it's an Open Source free OS but I see there are all sorts of customized versions and so on. It looks like a game mod type situation. So is there some kind of core version or some "best overall" kind of feel to look for? Any way or sources that rates these things?

Some links and help with this would be much appreciated, I want to get started on a disk tomorrow.

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