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February 27, 2010

Can you recommend a good Documentation site?

I have decent xp with Windows and DOS, as well as moderate hardware knowledge, but am a total noob about Linux. I just wiped my netbook and installed a fresh xubuntu OS to use it to learn linux from. But seeing as how I know NOTHING about linux, I was hoping to find some docs that I could print out and read through that would cover the basics of how to do stuff.

Can anybody point me to a good site for docs? I found a few places that have online "manuals" but nothing that I could print out unless I wanted to print each page one at a time. I was hoping to find something semi-detailed, about 20-30 pages, covering a lot of the basics like what each folder is for; where to put stuff; how to recognize, run and/or install linux-compatible programs; special features; lists of commands and what they do; etc...

Any ideas? Just post a URL if there's something out there already...

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