April 2, 2014

Can't install. Help!

Hi, everyone. I'm completely new to Linux, but I really wanted to try it for a very long time. So, since I had a very old pc that worked on Windows XP, I decided to pluck up my courage and install Linux.
I'm an all or nothing person, so delete XP to only keep Linux.
My driver has 250 GB memory. I created a mounting partition of 30720 MB for the system, a swap area of 10000 MB and kept the rest for home. However the installation always gets stuck at the creating partition points. I have restarted the installation for about four time and it always gets stuck at the creating partitions point for hours and then at some point the screen either gets black or it takes the form of a screensaver that shows a big clock with the linux logo behind.
What do I do? *cries*

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