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July 17, 2009

Centos 5 issues

Hello everyone,

I am new to this forum and a having a issue installing Centos5 on a machine I am putting together for a friend of mine.

The machine is a RAID machine that will eventually have a total of 8x1TB drives in it. My friend is a photographer and needs his space ability to grow. The machine will be acting as a server (NAS i guess they call it these days) so wont have a monitor, keyboard or mouse connected.

This is where I seem to be having an issue the graphic card that is in this machine is an ASUS 9400GT graphics card in it the installation goes fine the machine boots up, I can create shares and access them on the network. The problem starts when I boot this machine up without a monitor. I cant see what happens at this point of course but from what I can tell on the network everything seems to load up kind of.

I can see the share on the network, I can ping the machine and get a reply yet when I try to access the share it gives permission error and wont open it. If I try to vnc to the server againg I get permissions error, if I try and plug a vga monitor in at this point I get no video either.

I have a CENTOS 5 machine running as a server at home for my wife to store her pictures, mp3 and movies on and it is working fine if I boot with or without a monitor I am able to plug a monitor in at anytime and its works.

Here is my assumption and if anyone knows different please help!!!!

Assumption : The only thing I can figure is that the card has 2 outputs vga and dvi and if nothing is connected to either centos looses the plot.

Can anyone tell me if there is a way to force centos to use just one output method hoping of coures this is the problem.

Thanks in advance

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